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Note that committed simply means sponsorship has been allocated to that individual, or they are self-funded. Confirmed either means the individual has said they will come, but has yet to have sponsorship allocated, or is awaiting other confirmation of plans.

Attendee Details

Inviting Attendees

Who should be invited? You tell us. Check the list of attendees above and below, and if you think we may have missed someone, please let us know. However, as the event is drawing closer it may be difficult to arrange sponsorship, so self-funding may not be possible for some.

We hope to have at least 20-25 people at the hackathon, and every commitment to come (even if it's an "if you pay for the trip, I'll be there" statement of intent), can be used for the fund-raising.

Remember our goal is to make this hackathon as fun, useful, productive and relevant as possible! :)

Your role in this

Is this something for you? If so PLEASE TELL US, and include details of what you think you could contribute. This are the things we are looking for from each potential attendee:

Potential Attendees

The purpose of this list is to establish who we'd like to see in the same room, what they do/have done, how they can help with the hackathon and whether or not they have said they would come. "Not contacted" means "Not contacted yet by Barbie/JJ." :-P Note the list below is NOT a priority list. ;-)

Adam Kennedy

Michael G Schwern

David Golden

Ricardo Signes

Jos Boumans

Michael Peters

H.Merijn Brand (Tux)

Philippe Bruhat (BooK)

Andy Armstrong

Curtis 'Ovid' Poe

Chris Williams

Adrian Howard

David Cantrell

Tom Hukins

Rich Dawe

Andreas König

Leon Brocard

Jeremiah Foster

Lars Thegler

Salve J Nilsen

Anton Berezin

brian d foy

Nadim Khemir

Thomas Klausner

Gabor Szabo


Please add yourselves and others to the list above.