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Friday - 27th March 2009

For directions from the Jury's Inn, please scroll to the bottom of this page.



We have tables booked for 7pm. The Wellington is only across the road if you arrive early.

The Pub


  1. Barbie
  2. JJ
  3. Colin Newell
  4. Alan Stanger
  5. Adam Kennedy
  6. Michael G Schwern
  7. David Golden
  8. Jos I. Boumans
  9. Tux
  10. BooK
  11. Andy Armstrong
  12. Chris Williams
  13. Adrian Howard
  14. Rich Dawe (no food; will probably join you at the Hill)
  15. Andreas König
  16. Abigail
  17. Michael Peters
  18. Antonia Mayer


From Jury's Inn, exit onto Broad Street and head right, along Broad Street towards the ICC and Symphony Hall. At either pedestrian crossing, cross over Broad Street onto the ICC side of the road. Continue along Broad Street until you reach Centennary Square on your left. Walk alongside the square following the pedestrian walkway, pass the Hall Of Memory and into the arcade. Before reaching the arcade, follow signs to 'Birmingham Central Library'.

In the arcade are a few places to eat if you fancy a quick snack. Continue through the arcade and out onto Chamberlain Square, with the Central Library on your left, the Art Museum and Council Offices in front of you, and the Town Hall to your right. Walk down or round the steps, and head between the Museum and the Town Hall into Victoria Square. Bear left and walk between the Council Offices and 'The Floozsie In The Jacuzzi', until you reach Waterloo Street. Head right down Waterloo Street until you reach the crossroads with Bennett's Hill.

From this crossroads, the The Wellington is on the opposite side of the road, slightly up the hill. The Thai Orchid is on your immediate left, and The Hill is on the opposite side of the road, slightly down the hill.

For those walking from New Street station, as you walk along the pedestrian part of New Street, towards Victoria Square, as you reach Bella Pasta on your left and Barclays Bank on your right, the road on your right is Bennett's Hill, with The Hill only a few doors up, with The Thai Orchid and The Wellington further up the hill.