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Extend the META.yml spec.

Destroy The CPAN Registered Modules List!

(By Schwern)

The CPAN Registered Modules List is a wildly skewed view of CPAN. It's out of date and indifferently maintained. still uses it as the front page.

In order to replace it, META.yml needs a handful of more information that is provided by the DSLIP and not in META.yml (or simply say that its irrelevant and call it done). CPAN modules need to add keywords to replace the category system.

Add information about the state of a release

(By Schwern)

Add META.yml keys telling the user the state and stability of this release. At its simplest it states whether it's stable or unstable replacing the X.Y_Z $VERSION convention. More information can be added such as what sorts of things were changed in this release: bugs, tests, docs, security, features; and compatibility information.

build_requires and configure_requires for EUMM

(By chorny)

EUMM does not have build_requires. It means that NETA.yml is missing this information, and ppd files generated by EUMM (even with Module::Install on top) include build prereqs - which are not required. Also such information would be very useful for OS packagers and future MYMETA.yml/json.