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From New Street Station To Jury's Inn (on foot)

From the platform follow the crowd towards the way out. Once up the stairs (a lift is also available) and onto the main concourse, head towards the turnstiles. Once through the turnstiles, you'll see WHSmith to your left, the escalators ahead of you and the ticket offices to your right.

If you want to take a stroll and witness your first sights on Birmingham City Centre, from the turnstiles take the escalators up to the Pallasades shopping arcade. Turn left at the top of the escaltors and follow the walk way round to the left. At the cross way, turn left and head outside down the ramp.

At the bottom of the ramp, on left is New Street (West), ahead is Corporation Street and on your right is New Street (East). If you are staying in The Britannia Hotel, note the blue canopy in the third photo below. At the end of New Street (East) is the Bullring, latest shopping complex in the city centre.

Turn left onto New Street (West). A short walk away (see first photo above) is also The Burlington Hotel.

Continue along New Street and head towards the Town Hall. Note that on your left are a few eateries for those wishing to find cheap lunch options during the conference. As you enter Victoria Square, The Floozie In The Jacuzzi is on your right. Walk up the steps, past the statue of Queen Victoria and towards Chamberlain Square.

Incidentally if you wonder what the strange rusty orange thing is, on the left hand side of the square, this is know as The Iron Man.

Entering into Chamberlain Square, on your right is the entrance to the Birmingham Musuem & Art Gallery (BMAG), which includes the building joined to it by the walkway.

From Chamberlain Square climb up the steps towards glass entrance of Paradise Forum. Nasty burgers on your left and Benjy's coffee shop on your right. Walking through, Baguette Du Monde with a wide variety of bagettes is on your right, followed by a Weatherspoons bar. More places to eat if you want some cheap options during lunch.

Carry on out through the revolving doors into Centenary Square.

For anyone staying at the Hyatt (why aren't you sponsoring us?), it stands at the west end of the square. Head towards it. If you're staying at The Premier Inn or nitenite, turn into Bridge Street (in front of the Hyatt) and walk along to the end. The Premier Inn is on your right and nitenite is in front of you.

Continue along Broad Street between the Hyatt and the ICC, heading east. Past The Soloman Cutter, The Walkabout and The Merchant Stores on your left together with Edwards and The Brasshouse on your right. On the right you will find The Jury's Inn.

If you walk a little further up Broad Street, you also find The Figure Of Eight, O'Neills, Branigans, The Rat & Parrot and The Hard Rock Cafe pubs. If you take the side road, Gas Street, after The Walkabout, you'll find The Tap & Spile, and further down towards the end of the road, The Panama Bar.