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Purpose And Goals

The purpose of a QA hackathon would be for Quality Assurance-related problems, that are easier to solve when everyone involved is gathered in the same physical location. This can include issues with packaging, testing modules, community support or with tools. To achieve this we'll attempt to fund travel & lodging for a core group of QA people, and try our best to make this workshop as fun, useful, relevant and productive as possible.

Target audience

Is this a CPAN/Perl-only event? Preferably not. We'd love to see people from the Java, C, C#, PHP, Python and Ruby communities. Perhaps this is a good place to push TAP and related tools? Another group of people we'd love to invite are the guys responsible for packaging Perl in the different distributions and OSes (Debian, Fedora, *BSD, Solaris, MacOS X?) Do you know of anyone who would be interested in coming? Tell them about this!