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Site Credits

Layout & Design

Original site layout and logo design by JJ, with backend coding by Barbie. The Perl Onion logo is a trademark of The Perl Foundation. The use of the b logo is a trademark of Marketing Birmingham. All logos and images used with permission.

All material copyright © 2000-2008 Birmingham Perl Mongers, except where stated. Content may be reproduced for promotional and non-commercial use under the Creative Commons by Attribution Non-Commercial License. If you wish to use material for commercial purposes, please contact us for further assistance. Sponsors may use appropriate extracts for their own promotional purposes, as part of the sponsorship agreement for the event.

Code Base

The underlying wiki code is powered by Labyrinth, a website management tool, developed in Perl by Miss Barbell Productions.

Bugs, Fixes & Patches

If you spot any problems or have any suggestions for new or improved features within the site, please email Barbie.