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The Test Anything Protocol (TAP)

Ideas for discussion & hacking:

Schwern's agenda

Here's what I want to see. First is getting the IETF draft done fully describing TAP in its current state. This includes a working grammar and all corner cases resolved.

Second, I would like to discuss a deprecation policy. This includes revising the version numbering and a list of things we would like to official deprecate as part of the first IETF draft goes out.

Third, I would like to firmly resolve the extensions discussed at the last hackathon. First and foremost, I want to see the format of the structured diagnostics resolved: YAML or JSON or something else; key reservation. I want nested/sub tests. I want a logging syntax.

Fourth, I want the TAP test suite completed. Mainly for the writer but also for the reader.

Finally, I want a reference implementation of a TAP writer preferably working directly from the grammar.

I would like the focus to be about resolving existing problems and completing proposed solutions rather than opening new discussions. We half completed a lot of stuff at the last hackathon and I want that old business closed.

There will be plenty of work for programmers and non programmers alike. TO THE ANGER DOME!