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A few months ago I (BooK) created a Test::Database module, which was aimed at helping authors to state their database needs for testing and testers to make database specially dedicated to test available.


I started on the wrong foot by trying to start a MySQL process when the test script asked for it. Someone sent me a patch to do the same for Postgres, but I didn't apply it yet. Because I think starting a database process

I think this module should be aimed at giving the author detailed options ("I want to test this on: MySQL, but only versions > 5.0, as well all file-based database engines"), and making it easy for the tester to provide some database (configure script saying: "you have such and such databases installed, do you want to add them to the configuration?").

I would like to discuss the API for test authors, the language for describing which database one wants to test on, and the interface for testers. If several tests are run in parallel, there is the added issue of avoiding having several tests scripts setting up stuff in the same set of database/tables. Maybe a locking mechanism needs to be designed.

Then of course, since several CPAN testers are attending, they can quickly make this available on their test setup. :-)